DriveMe is the driver platform for (business) Netherlands.

Efficiency and convenience, everyone wants that. However, driving yourself doesn’t always contribute to it. That’s when having your own chauffeur becomes ideal. “But it’s also quite expensive,” we often hear. And that’s precisely the reason DriveMe exists. DriveMe makes private chauffeurs accessible and affordable. But with skilled drivers. That’s why every chauffeur undergoes screening and testing.

DriveMe connects clients and independent private chauffeurs. Our goal is to become the best (inter)national platform for chauffeur services. That’s our ambition.

A professional network of over 150 private chauffeurs is ready daily to drive you from point A to point B in your own car. This way, you can work, make calls, or send messages while in the car. Or simply do nothing at all. But you’ll travel safely and be dropped off right at your destination doorstep.

With the platform, private chauffeurs can earn a good (additional) income, and you can efficiently work in the comfort of your own car at a fair price. The added bonus is that we contribute positively to road safety in this process because a good private chauffeur has one goal during their ride: to safely and comfortably transport the client to their desired destination.

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We are currently looking for:

An office manager |  20-40 hours per week

A sales manager |  20-40 hours per week

A growth marketeer | 20-40 hours per week

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Download de app van DriveMe
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your question not listed here? Check the complete FAQ overview.

New users: within 60 seconds. If you're experienced, you can set up a ride on the platform in 30 seconds.

Usually, you will receive multiple responses within two hours. Drivers generally find longer rides more appealing than shorter ones, so longer rides typically receive more applications. (Do you have a late-night ride from A to B? Consider Rent A Bob as well.)

Every driver has been tested and certified by DriveMe, both in theory and in practice. Want the highest quality? Choose a driver from the Business class. These are the certified executive chauffeurs. The most popular class is the Comfort class.

Place your ride on the platform well in advance. Provide accurate addresses and stops. Provide additional details about the ride and specify the type of car you have. Private drivers appreciate being able to prepare thoroughly for a job.

After you've selected a driver for your ride, you can also chat with them through the DriveMe app. Convenient, right?

In the Netherlands, all cars are insured based on their license plates, not the driver. This means that the private driver is covered under the terms of your insurance. More information can be found on the insurance page.

At the end of the ride, the invoice is generated based on the driver's declaration. This invoice will be emailed to you and will also appear in your DriveMe account immediately. You can specify whether you want to pay via iDeal or credit card through your app settings.

Economy klasse: de (vaak jonge) privéchauffeur - een prima chauffeur - die ervaring aan het opbouwen is.

Comfort klasse: de ervaren chauffeurs met aanzienlijke kilometers aan ervaring. te vinden in alle leeftijdsklassen.

Business klasse: Het neusje van de zalm. CCV-gecertificeerde directiechauffeurs.

Economy class: the (often young) private driver - a good driver - who is building experience.

Comfort class: experienced drivers with significant mileage experience, available in all age groups.

Business class: The cream of the crop. CCV-certified executive chauffeurs.

Wat is DriveMe?

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