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What are the legal grounds for the use of your data?

We process your data because we need it for the conclusion of a contract. In this contract, we make agreements about the use of the platform and payments that occur as a result of using driver services through the platform. We also need your data to enter into a contract for services between you and the independent private driver. Your data is also stored because we have a legitimate interest in it. This includes the development and improvement of services, not least our website. See our cookie policy for more information.

Who has access to your data?

Within DriveMe, only individuals who require access to personal data based on their role have access. All these individuals have a duty of confidentiality. Outside of use within DriveMe, your data will be shared with other parties if it is (100%) necessary to fulfill an assignment. This includes sharing your contact information with a driver before the ride assignment or exchanging your data with the payment provider for billing and payment purposes. We only provide the relevant data to that party, and nothing more.

Where is the data stored?

We store your data in various databases and always implement strict security measures. The servers where this data is stored are mostly located in the Netherlands. We do not have servers in our office, so in the event of a physical breach, no personal data of clients or drivers can be obtained.

What data is stored?

Direct or indirectly identifying data such as name, address, phone number for the purpose of drafting contracts or contacting you. In the case of a direct debit agreement, we request bank details and require your permission to debit amounts from your (business) bank account. Contact moments, such as call recordings and emails, are stored for purposes such as quality improvement, evidence, and assessment. Data regarding the use of the website and app, such as cookies and IP addresses, are collected for improving the website and app and offering targeted advertisements or banners.

How do we obtain your data?

We obtain your data when you provide it to us via the website or email.

How long do we retain your data?

In any case, not longer than necessary, but there are specific timelines we must adhere to. Recorded phone conversations are typically deleted after 30 days unless we have a legal obligation to retain a conversation longer. Inactive customer accounts are deleted after 7 years, after which we use your data only anonymously for internal purposes. We are required by the Tax Authority to retain our administration with your invoice, payment, and order data for 7 years. After that, we use only anonymous data for internal reporting. You should also retain invoices for your purchases. If you have subscribed to the newsletter or given consent to receive personalized messages, we retain that consent for 5 years.

Do we share data with others?

Your data within the platform may be used (for the purpose of contracts) by clients, drivers, the payment provider, and DriveMe, but only when necessary. We do not share this data with other parties. Period.

What are your rights?

You can always request information about the data we have stored about you. It is also your right to have this data amended or deleted. This can be done via the website or email, and you can also object if you believe we are doing something that goes against your previously given consent or if you believe we are exceeding what we consider a legitimate interest.

Who is responsible for your data?

That would be us, DriveMe. DriveMe is a trade name of: Dutch Driver Technologies B.V.

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